“Unconscious perceptions govern many of the most important decisions we make and have a profound effect on the lives of many people in many ways… Unconscious patterns can play out in ways that are so subtle they are hard to spot.” – Howard Ross (Cook Ross Inc)

Considering the South Africa’s context, whereby we have a past regime, Apartheid, that ensured that people were excluded from realising their potential based on race. Our Foundation feels that is of importance to ensure the leaders we are supporting in our other programmes also understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in creating a sustainable society. Currently we run a Diversity Leadership Workshop that engages youth and our AP friends in a two-day workshop that looks at important issues such as youth unemployment and diversity in the workplace.

What has been done

In 2018 we successfully piloted the diversity living and leadership workshop reaching 60 gold grads and facilitator interns from the gold-agency peer education programme. The workshops were attended by more than 20 organisational leaders that including representatives of large influential businesses that networked and engaged with the gold grads.

For the workshop we developed a:

  • Diversity Living and Leadership Workshop Curriculum in partnership with the University of Stellenbosch’s Unit for Historical Trauma and Transformation and gold Development Agency. The curriculum focus both on the inner and outer world of diversity.
  • A user friendly and updated 2nd Edition of the “South African Progress on Transformation since Democracy”.


“When going for an interview, I now know how I would conduct myself, what to say and what not to say. Personally I’ve also learnt that our brains function a certain way, therefore how we behave is influenced by our conscious biases.” – gold Grad attendee from Cape Town, 2018

“Diversity is more of the change of our background and the difficulties on how they impacted our future and understanding diversity /cultures.” – gold Grad attendee from Johannesburg, 2018

“My name is Chemonay Coetzee, I live in the east of Paarl. Big community where majority of the people are coloured and Afrikaans speaking. I live with my mom and sister, and I am passionate about teaching. For quite a long time, I did not know what I wanted to do with my life, career wise. Had no idea how I would achieve my goals. The programme really helped me in this aspect, and soon enough I realized that I had to make a change and take action. Look at what I’m good at and where I need to grow. Peer Education has taught me and other young people to focus on the future and our goals, as opposed to where you currently are in life.

“I have seen this programme over the past three years not just impacting the group they are working with bit also other learners on the school.” – Mrs. Banda (Principal Klein Nederburg)

Programme Feedback

To ensure that each year our programmes are up to date and are beneficial to the beneficiaries we compile programme reports annually. Follow the link for the detailed report.

Workshop Overview

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